Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Geek Gifts for Genre Fans

From box sets to action figures, we've got something in every price range for your own wish list or for other geeks in your life.

Collage of figures, books, and other gifts

Books & Box Sets

Lore & Legends

(Price: $50) Whether through the actual game, a passing mention on twitter, or, heck, even Stranger Things, chances are you’ve at least heard of Dungeons & Dragons before at least once. But there’s a strong chance you don’t know the full history — one that dates back to as early as the 70s! Lore & Legends: A Visual Celebration of the Fifth Edition of the World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game is here to detail on the nitty-gritty of the game and series that continues to make its mark so many years later.

Writers Michael Witer, Kyle Newman, and Jon Peterson detail the massive history of the phenomenon that may be the greatest example of a cult fanbase. Featuring everything from the game’s impact on our culture, exclusive interviews, and more than — brace for this, fellow nerds — 900 (!) pieces of art, this is an absolute must-have for D&D fans everywhere or any general pop culture connoisseurs. You can grab this beast wherever books are sold.

Heroes’ Feast Flavors of the Multiverse

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(Price: $35) The history of D&D is, very obviously and very evidently, massive. But if you’re already a D&D head and are looking for something a little more atypical, then Heroes’ Feast Flavors of the Multiverse is the most scrumptious of choices. Sure, Thanksgiving is over and all, but who says that should stop you from cooking a big ole’ magnificent, deliciously delectable stew? It’s the type of cook book that’ll have your D&D party frothing at the mouth just knowing you’re in possession of it. 

With over 76 different dishes developed by a professional chef, this specialized cookbook includes recipes inspired by the Forgotten Realms and beyond! They’re original, too, no shortcuts. The recipes feature easy-to-find ingredients and will an extra layer of spice for your game nights — especially as the colder weather starts closing in.

Lore & Legends Special Edition Boxed Set

(Price: $130) You already know about Lore & Legends, but let us reveal to you that there’s another edition you can get your hands on. The special edition boxed set features a plethora of extra goodies for die-hards, like extra Through the Ages features with artwork of different monsters and characters and even a special pull-out drawer! It can double as a dice tray, too. 

But that’s not all, folks. Lurking inside the drawer itself is a 24”x36” adventure map of Faerûn illustrated by Jared Blando and an 8”x10” art print of the original — that’s right, ORIGINAL — art print of the fifth edition Starter Set cover art by Jaime Jones. 

And if you’re a real collector of dies, as one final little treat, there’s also a custom resin d20 die included. Who doesn’t love whipping out an armada of different die for your party? It’s like literal, physical nerd cred.

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The Truth Is Still Out There

The truth is not only still out there … it’s in this X-Files book called The Truth is Still Out There. Written by Bethan Jones, this text is a rich analytical exploration of The X-Files phenomenon 30 years after it began. Jones examines how Agents Scully and Mulder forever changed the television landscape and the nature of our world via the mainstreaming of conspiracy theory culture. This is a must-have item for X-Files superfans and deep-thinkers alike.

The Art of Drew Struzan

(Price: $23.97) If you find yourself increasingly distraught — or perhaps even radicalized — by the increase of poorly-done movie posters of late, you might be in need of a reminder of the good ole’ days. If Drew Struzan is a name you don’t recognize, you’ll certainly know some of his work on Star Wars, Big Trouble in Little China, Back to the Future, and much more. His style feels like the stuff of a dream, a spacey, colorful homage to movies as a source of true magic. 

And now, you can check out an entire book featuring his many works, with exclusive interviews and anecdotes to accompany them. For a great price and great art, this could be the MVP of your gift-giving season.

Akira 35th Anniversary Manga Box Set (Hardcover)

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(Price: $142.99, reduced from $219.99) Katsuiro Otomo’s Akira remains an anime titan and a formative cyberpunk story that features meticulous animation that still holds up 35 years later. The Akira feature film only covers a fraction of the six-volume manga series, which becomes a very different experience by the end.

The Akira 35th Anniversary Manga Boxset collects gorgeous hardcover editions of all six volumes. The Akira manga is more than 2000 pages long and if there’s one manga set to own then it’s this one. Akira is to manga what Watchmen is to comics. This hardcover manga set contains the entire series as well as a hardcover Akira Club art book and a pill patch that will help the owner bring out their inner Kaneda. It also doesn’t hurt that the manga boxset’s price has been significantly reduced, which means that fans won’t have to undergo government testing in order to afford the set.

Chainsaw Man Manga Box set (Volumes 1-11)

(Price: $64.99, reduced from $99.99) Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man has become one of the biggest and bloodiest series of the decade and a title that truly earns its status within Shonen Jump’s “Dark Trio.” MAPPA’s Chainsaw Man anime adaptation in 2022 made waves, but those who are tired of waiting for season two can also experience the story through its excellent manga.

This manga boxset collects Chainsaw Man’s first 11 volumes, which get fairly deep in Denji’s journey as a devil hunter and the new Chainsaw Devil. The anime’s first season only dips its toe into Volume 5, so this manga collection really goes into the depths of Chainsaw Man’s devil depravity. With a decent price reduction, the Chainsaw Man manga has never been more affordable.

Rebel Moon G FUEL Imperium Tonic Collector’s Box (Partner Content)

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Rebel Moon is the latest sci-fi epic from cult-favorite director Zack Snyder, and if the trailer is at all indicative, it’s set to be one of the most anticipated releases when it drops on Netflix in December. In partnership with Rebel Moon, G FUEL is offering a special edition Collector’s Box to commemorate the occasion.

While all G FUEL flavors are plentiful and, of course, delightful, the Imperium Tonic deserves an extra mention. It’s a sweet blend of berry, kiwi, and watermelon that’ll send you out of this world (and maybe even into whatever universe Rebel Moon takes place in).

Plus, the box also includes a commemorative shaker cup that showcases some of the sweet futuristic vehicles featured in the movie. Snyderheads won’t want to miss out, and you can find this one exclusively at Walmart for the holiday season.

The Witcher Tawny Owl Potion Collector’s Box (Partner Content)

What if there were a collaboration for a celebrated book, video game, and TV series? Well, one of the things you’d get is The Witcher. Focusing on the RPG masterpiece side of things, G FUEL has put together one of their most premium boxes yet. Similar to all the others, the box comes with a collectible shaker cup—one featuring the Wolf Medallion with a sleek charcoal gray finish—and 40 servings of the “Tawny Owl Potion” black currant flavor. 

But wait, there’s more! The box also features a detailed map of The Witcher World, and cover art features the characters Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri. If that’s not enough, the box also comes with exclusive 5”x 7” art prints that celebrate the lore of the series. And, oh boy, if THAT’s somehow not enough, there’s also a nifty Wolf Medallion potion vial keychain. Saying the good folks at G FUEL pulled out all the stops for this one would be an understatement. And if you like what you’ve seen thus far, be sure to check out the many other flavors and collector’s boxes for beloved properties like Pac-Man, Cyberpunk 2077, Blue Beetle, Twisted Metal, and more!

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Blu-ray Collections

Code Geass – Collector’s Edition – Blu-ray (Crunchyroll Exclusive)

(Price: $549.98) The Code Geass Collector’s Edition Blu-ray boxset has undergone quality assurance for years until the box’s intricate design, official art, and replica Lancelot key were crafted to perfection. It’s a Blu-ray boxset, but it’s also a piece of art. At just shy of $550, this grandiose Collector’s Edition doesn’t run cheap, but it’s the perfect gift for that special someone who appreciates sophisticated anime storytelling and well-designed celebratory packaging that properly emphasizes Code Geass’ status as one of the all-time anime greats.

Code Geass Blu-ray boxsets have previously been released, but this Collector’s Edition Crunchyroll Store exclusive collects all 50 episodes, 5 OVA installments, and four movies, as well as a wealth of special features that include multiple audio commentaries, cast interviews, and more (including a Code Geass replica chess set and board). The purchase of this set even comes with a free six-month Crunchyroll premium subscription for new members or a $60 discount for existing members. Just like the Code Geass itself, this Collector’s Edition boxset is a big responsibility.

Studio Ghibli Movie Collection

If you’re curious to see the rest that the industry-defining Studio Ghibli has created, or are looking for the perfect gateway drug to get newcomers hooked on anime, this is it. It’s possible that most people’s first experience with anime came through Studio Ghibli films, whether it be Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, or many others. They’re all here! 

The box art is also a nice touch to sweeten the package. If you’re looking for a collection of films that will truly open the eyes of non-watchers to a whole new world of possibility — a whole world of Japanese animation — then there’s no better item to add to your collection.

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Figures, Collectibles, and Plushies

Attack on Titan – Levi Ackerman Pop Up Parade (Dark Color Ver.) (Crunchyroll Exclusive)

(Price: $42.99) Attack on Titan has just ended its prolific run and solidified its status as one of the all-time anime greats. It’s never been a better time to revisit Attack on Titan from its beginning and why not have an extra action figure along for the ride? Levi Ackerman has always been one of Attack on Titan’s most popular characters and he’s really put through the wringer during the anime’s final season.

PARADE is an action figure company that specializes in affordable and consistent releases. This Crunchyroll Store exclusive is only available in limited supply, which means Titan fans should act fast and dedicate their hearts to the acquisition of this figure. This Crunchyroll exclusive features Levi in a dark color variant as well as a unique facial expression, that’s quite cocky in nature. He probably knows how the series ends.

Cat-Eyed Boy x Deadmau5 Collab (Horde Distressed SS T-Shirt, Drip Crew Sweater, Mouse Pad)

(Price: TBA, available December 11) Anime’s growing omnipresence in mainstream pop culture has led to some exciting Crunchyroll fashion and apparel collaborations over the years. The latest of these collabs is a match made in heaven–Crunchyroll and Deadmau5. Cat Eyed Boy is a fringe horror series by Kazuo Umezu that happens to be a favorite of the music producer and DJ.

This Cat Eyed Boy x Deadmau5 pairing is producing several artisan accessories and apparel that combine eerie illustrations with unique fashion aesthetics. Crunchyroll’s Horde Distressed S T-Shirt, Drip Crew Sweater, and Mouse Pad are just some of the Cat Eyed Boy x Deadmau5 collaborative items on sale. They’re guaranteed to keep even the most twisted of anime fans warm through the winter.

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Chainsaw Man – Pochita Otaku Lamp (Crunchyroll Exclusive)

(Price: $34.95) Chainsaw Man is one of the goriest shonen anime to come along in years, and yet it’s also the home to one of the genre’s cutest mascots, Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil. Pochita is infinitely merch-able but Crunchyroll’s Pochita Otaku Lamp can only be acquired at the Crunchyroll Store Pochita’s simplicity makes him the perfect subject.

This Pochita Otaku Lamp is still a silly talking point, even with zero Chainsaw Man knowledge. The adorable lamp design cycles through 16 different colors of ambient light that make for the perfect atmosphere to watch anime, relax, or read manga. Everyone deserves a little Pochita in their lives!

Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Action Figure

Somewhere along the line, the Rick and Morty episode “Pickle Rick” became a rallying cry for skeptic non-watchers. “Rick and Morty? Isn’t that the show where the guy turns himself into a pickle? Sounds dumb.” Well, it is indeed the show where the guy turns himself into a pick and it’s not dumb! Case in point is this lovingly crafted Pickle Rick action figure from Funko. Collectors will naturally want to keep it in a box, which is a shame as all the various add-ons mad scientist Rick Sanchez crafted from mouse parts really tie the whole thing together.

My Neighbor Totoro Ramen Bowl

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Just look at it. Tell us you’re going to say no to that cute little Totoro face! We dare you! 
My Neighbor Totoro is just one of many stories from industry and meme legend Hayao Miyazaki, but its impact remains to this day. The friendly Totoro creatures from Studio Ghibli represent the best of the wonders of imagination, and this ramen bowl is a nice piece of furniture to bring out whenever you’re in the mood for some delectable noodles.

Alex Ross Superman Metal Poster

(Price: $49) If you’re unfamiliar with Alex Ross, this is your notice to get acquainted with his magnificent artstyle ASAP. You’ve likely seen it plenty of times for some of DC or Marvel’s major comic book events, and its glowingly realistic artstyle makes many of your characters look better than you ever could’ve imagined. This Superman poster — which truly embodies the “Man of Steel” moniker, with bullets bouncing off the legendary superhero — is one such example. 

The fine folks over at Displate make posters of all sorts of style, but Ross’ artstyle deserves special mention. Plus, what makes them so special is their ease of installation, only requiring a special sticker that attaches to your wall and serves as the magnet for your metal poster. Given the ease, art quality, and price point, this could be the gift that really makes you stand apart from your geeky brethren.

RoboForce Wrecker

The RoboForce Wrecker is an extremely cool construction robot from Nacelle which comes with its own bouquet of flowers. Honestly, that alone makes this toy worth getting! But beyond that paradoxical awesomeness lies a robot with not only several fun articulating armatures, but a pretty cool backstory as well.

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The Wrecker was apparently designed to be a jack of all trades until the rise of an erratic bunch of robots called the Utopian Force took power. Now, despite having an empathy chip (that explains the flowers) and immense strength, he ends up doing menial tasks in the basement. However, according to the toy line’s lore, he does team up occasionally to protect the innocent, so he’s got that going for him… which is nice.


Be the first on your block to own Throttle, the leader of the Biker Mice from Mars! This action figure is available for preorder for a December arrival, and he comes with a sprocket launcher accessory which includes three sprocket projectiles. The seven-inch figure also comes with two interchangeable heads – one with a helmet – and two sets of additional hands. Throttle also has his own blaster and (don’t ask) a hotdog. Because of course.

Those who are familiar with the animated series get the joke, and any Biker Mice from Mars fan would love to add this to their collection, whether they’re reliving childhood memories of Throttle and his crew taking on the evil forces of Limburger or discovering the series for the first time. Preorder the figure and his collector’s box today!

Manly Bands DC

The Aquaman

With the latest DC studio film in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom set to release just prior to Christmas, this could be the perfect band of all. The charcoal gray color is as great as always, and the classical Aquaman logo — sea trident and all — is also a splendid touch. But the added Abalone Shell inlay and Green Cerakote sleeve make this one stand out amongst the many, many legends of the DC universe. 

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The band works as a splendid homage to the look and feel of Atlantis, or Aquaman, or even just for all the fine people that enjoy the freedom the sea brings! 

The One Ring

Saving perhaps the best for last — or, more appropriately, the one band that may rule them all — is an exclusive band for The One Ring that started it all. The iconic centerpiece item for the entire Lord of the Rings story, Manly Bands is one of only two (2!) licensed jewelers with the studio and Tolkien estate to make it! 

The band is a perfect replica of The One Ring’s look, complete with elvish inscription on the outside with solid 14K yellow gold. The shine of this bad boy is gorgeous, and a must-have for Lord of the Rings diehards. Just looking at this band will give you an urge of need, as if it’s calling to you specifically…


One Piece Odyssey Limited Edition Game Bundle

Keeping the One Piece train going, the next stop on our list is one more geared towards longtime fans of the anime and manga. It’s no secret that anime hasn’t had a ton of awesome video game adaptations, but the latest one for this particular franchise is a full-blown RPG that tells an all new original story. 

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Heck, chances are if you’re a fan this was already a day one purchase. But if you missed out, this limited edition bundle comes with the game as well as an original statue featuring Luffy and the game’s new original character, Lim. Who doesn’t love getting two great anime collectibles at once?

Elden Ring

Winner of over 300 Game of the Year awards in 2022, Elden Ring may just be gaming’s greatest modern masterpiece. An evolution of what developer FromSoftware started with their Dark Souls games, Elden Ring is an open-world adventure set in a brutal fantasy universe co-created by George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones). Though its challenging gameplay will put your skills to the test, all your efforts will be rewarded along the way. 

Given that you can put hundreds of hours into Elden Ring and still not experience everything it has to offer, it certainly offers enough value at any price. However, being able to grab this one at Cyber Monday prices feels like a true steal. It’s destined to be called one of the greatest games ever made.

CyberPowerPC – Gamer Master Gaming Desktop

As the PC gaming scene continues to grow, the temptation to own a properly powerful gaming PC grows along with it. Unfortunately, the price of such PCs (and their relative lack of availability) means that too many people have to miss out on some of the richest experiences that modern gaming has to offer. 

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That’s why this CyberPower PC is too tempting to ignore. It offers so much more than gateway gaming PC specs at gateway gaming PC prices. Even better, the reliability of CyberPower PC builds means that you can truly treat this computer like the investment in the future of PC gaming that it very much is.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

There are over 130 million Nintendo Switch owners in the world, and all of them need to play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

A surefire contender for 2023’s Game of the Year awards, Tears of the Kingdom is the long-awaited follow-up to the revolutionary Breath of the Wild. Like that game, Tears of the Kingdom emphasizes finding creative solutions in a nearly perfectly designed open-world environment. However, Tears of the Kingdom raises the bar through the use of mind-blowing mechanics that allow you to create nearly any possibility you can dream of. Nintendo games almost never go on sale, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Headset

The good news is that more and more games feature the kind of quality audio design that puts major films to shame. The bad news is that you’re not always able to blast that audio at full volume out of your speakers. Even if you could, many are finding that some things just sound better through a good headset. 

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That’s why it’s so easy to recommend this gaming headset from HyperX. For quite some time, Hyper X has been recognized as one of the premiere gaming headset manufacturers in the world. They are uniquely designed to offer the kind of crystal-clear multidirectional sound that is both perfect for gaming and strangely difficult to find even among otherwise great headsets. Being able to secure that kind of experience at a price that many have probably paid for lesser headsets is a no-brainer. Your ears and neighbors will thank you.

Digi-Battle Card Game

Though the Digimon franchise is often seen as Pokémon’s little brother, Bandai’s Digital Monsters keep soldiering on in new anime series, games, collectibles, and even a successful trading card game. For our collecting purposes, however, we want to go back all the way to 1999 with the launch of the first (and hilariously unsuccessful) Digimon trading card game. Hastily released to capitalize on the Pokémon card craze, the Digi-Battle Card Game was not much of a coherent game but the cards still looked so cool. And at the end of the day, that’s all you can ask out of a collectible.